2019China's National Skills Competition gem wondering workers vocational skills competition successfully opened in Shanghai

   10Month 19 days,2019China's National Skills Competition gem wondering workers vocational skills competition opening ceremony of East Division contest held in Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts。7 provinces and cities nationwide、13Two institutions、Corporate teams to participate in activities。 

     After two days of theory written examination、Gymnastics competition,They were selected for the group of seven workers、Group institutions 36 finalists!

    Vice president of China Light Industry Federation Liujiang Yi said at the opening ceremony

   Shanghai Vocational College of Arts crafts party secretary Xu Tao speech at the opening ceremony

      Competition to "carry forward the spirit of craftsman,The pursuit of excellence "for the purpose,A "new era、new skill、New dream "as the theme,China to build gem pondering、Identification industry branding skills competition,Build a platform for the exchange of skills of employees,Carry forward the spirit of model workers and artisans spirit,Create a glorious work in society and dedicated to improving the atmosphere,To promote the healthy and sustainable development。

Equipment designated suppliers - - Arts

     Beijing-art Hongwen Ltd.,High-end jewelry equipment suppliers、30 years of professional services,44-45 World Skills Competition Division jewelry China jewelry processing equipment provider。

     Tournament using equipment provided by the Beijing-art Hongwen Ltd.,And by the Organizing Committee、Experts and players praise。

Competition site

Race-art equipment on-site technical maintenance personnel

Tournament field devices to guide the practical operation of the game

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