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2019China National Skills Competition gem wondering workers finals tournament entry procedures

2019China National Skills Competition gem wondering workers finals tournament entry procedures race time:2019November 16-17 Venue:Huajiadi Street (Beijing Vocational College of Economics and Management), Chaoyang District, Beijing, a 12、The contest and fashion、The competition within the time requirements specified players in the game when the score distribution and use,The contest completed Cutting Theory written and practical operation of two portions:        (A) written test theory:Involving jewelery basics、Gem pondering processes and technology、Gemstone design and graphics knowledge,Professional ethics and the spirit of artisans etc.。50 contestants complete truth topic and answer period of 120 minutes to complete the egg according to national standard drawing view drawing type titanium(Crown and pavilion view view),Exam is multiple choice questions and determine the question(Meixiao Ti 1 min 50 points),The contest problems are randomly selected exam software in combination,According to the national mapping standards to complete the drawing questions out of 50,Total of 100 points,20% of the total points。        (B) Cutting the actual operation gem:Drawings for event,240Emerald completed within minutes (7mm × 9mm) Cutting and gem setting and a completion of a cut gemstone random Cutting (Heart、Egg-shaped、Pear-shaped three elections)。Cutting material has been finalized qualified synthetic cubic zirconia(Egg-shaped 7mm × 9mm、Heart 8mm × 8mm、Pear-shaped 7mm × 9mm)And triangular shaped 7mm × 9mm blank line with Emerald stones。Out of 200 points,80% of the total points。Violation of rules will be given up to 20 points deduction。The contents of each contest、Table 1 Design and assigned scores。 Table a note ▼:Theory examination room for a standard classroom,Each player according to the standard national test site for independence answer (theory test player comes with a pen and drawing tools) game。Gem Cutting playing field operations can provide a stable water、Electrical and fire safety fully equipped。Each player takes one processing zone as the game Tournament table,Using an area of ​​2 m2 ~ 3m2,Each equipped with a gem cutter mill、Polishing discs、Millstone、Viscose、Iron bars、Alcohol lamp、tweezers、Manipulator (octagonal hand)、Sewage equipment、sandpaper、Polishing oil、Polishing powder、Finalized two synthetic cubic zirconia (about 7 × 9mm)、10Magnifying glass、Kleenex、rag;Examination pen and drawing tools (players bring their own tools and equipment match report see notice) two、Competition schedule Competition schedule two days,Theoretical examination in the morning at the same time,The practical operation of the assessment on a daily basis in accordance with the order of drawing of lots No. 1-50 am,51-100Number for the afternoon,See in particular the following Table 2:  Table II ▼ three、Match the specified device GY-19 CNC grinding machine gem,CNC technology driven ball screw lift units reach the designated rotational adjustment of the desired height,Lifting precision can reach 0.01mm,The system can be pre-stored angle data layer 7,Elevator assembly moves up and down automatically,Convenience、Shortcut、accurate。Simultaneously,Optimization improvements in robot design,Employed measurement speed、Number of other significant advantages of high accuracy instrumentation to make the angle of the conventional mechanical angle meter reading large Deviations。


WorldSkills organization is the organization of WorldSkills

WorldSkills organization is the organization of WorldSkills,Its predecessor was the "international vocational skills training organization" (IVTO)。201950,Spain and Portugal initiated the creation of the "international vocational skills training organization",The purpose is to inspire young people pay attention to vocational skills,Guide employers pay attention to the social and vocational skills training,They aim to achieve by organizing a worldwide contest。