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45th World Skills Competition at the opening of Russia Kazan - China 63 players will participate in all 56 competing projects

China sent a delegation of 63 players,Will participate in Transport and Logistics、Structure and Building Technology、Manufacturing and Engineering Technology、Information and Communication Technology、Creative Arts and Fashion、Six areas of social and personal services, and all 56 items match。This is our fifth expedition tour,Since our country also participate in the World Skills Competition,Contestants largest、Entries most complete once。Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Security Ministry Tang Tao attended the opening ceremony。


2019On the 45th World Skills Competition Opening August 22 in Kazan, Russia

Local time on August 22 evening 19:00,45th World Skills Competition opens in Kazan, Russia。WorldSkills Organization main 席西蒙巴特利 welcome speech,Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev speech and announced the opening contest。 China sent a delegation of 63 players,Will participate in Transport and Logistics、Structure and Building Technology、Manufacturing and Engineering Technology、Information and Communication Technology、Creative Arts and Fashion、…


WorldSkills organization is the organization of WorldSkills

WorldSkills organization is the organization of WorldSkills,Its predecessor was the "international vocational skills training organization" (IVTO)。201950,Spain and Portugal initiated the creation of the "international vocational skills training organization",The purpose is to inspire young people pay attention to vocational skills,Guide employers pay attention to the social and vocational skills training,They aim to achieve by organizing a worldwide contest。


2018Shanghai International Jewelry Fair come to an end

Which lasted five days 2018 Shanghai International Jewelry Fair on May 13 perfect ending in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition。This year by the Association of China Jewelry Industry、Gems & Jewelry Management Center、Shanghai Gold Exchange、Shanghai Diamond Exchange、Shanghai Gold Jewelry Industry Association、Many authorities Shenzhen Gold Jewelry Industry Association and the Shanghai Gem Trade Association co-sponsored


2018National institutions "- Arts Cup" contest closing ceremony diamond grading

2018National institutions "- Arts Cup" contest diamond grading closing ceremony on October 28 in the afternoon,2018 two-day national institutions "- Arts Cup" diamond grading contest successfully concluded in Qingdao Economic vocational school。Two days,Competition organizer in China Gems & Jewelry Trade Association、National Jewelery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center,Organizers Insurance Association Professional Committee of academic education、Qingdao City Board of Education、Qingdao Economic vocational school,Sponsored by Beijing-art Hongwen jewelry Equipment Co., Ltd. and other parties under the joint efforts,In 12 companies、Institutions、The strong support of the Institute,111 players from 37 institutions in 20 provinces subjected to tension、Intense competition,Whispering various awards,2018National institutions "- Arts Cup" contest successfully concluded a diamond grading。 The closing ceremony of Beijing-art Hongwen Ltd. General Manager Zhou Zhenhua、Qingdao City Board of Education four volumes researcher Wang Si、Insurance Association of Academic Education Committee Secretary-General Zhang Likui speech addressed separately。General manager, said Zhou Zhenhua:The orderly organization and implementation of competition throughout the race to the national college players、teacher、Judges、Experts left a deep and good impression。Hope that all institutions "- Arts Cup" diamond grading competition will continue to play a leading role model in the industry。Mr. Wang said Si volume,The contest is an in-depth student skill levels detected,But also to deepen the integration of production and education、School-enterprise cooperation、A running mode of practice integrally theory and practice,Enrich the connotation of the spirit of the craftsmen,I wish more and more prosperous contest。Secretary-General Zhang Likui concluding remarks,Thanks to hard work conference organizer and staff pay,He said it was an unprecedented scale contest,It reflects the quality awareness and teamwork、Spirit and strive to upstream,very successful,We hope that this spirit can be passed down,Qingdao Economic and witness the vocational school principals Sun Huanli pass flag to contest 2019 contest Sponsor Yunnan Vocational College of Land Resources。      Competition in recognition of sub-group universities and vocational group two groups,Respectively, with personal excellence award、Groups Outstanding Organization Award、Individual and group two three prize two three prize as well as outstanding instructor award、Special Contribution Award and many other awards。 In a cordial contest、friendly、Warm atmosphere slowly came to an end。The players usually practice hard converted to contest the court's excellent play contest,They tournament out of results,Race out of style,Demonstrating the unique spirit and culture of the concept of the institutions,Players also demonstrated superb skill levels、Ability to innovate and valuable craftsman spirit。 Rivals on the race,After the game a friend,Competition set up a mutual exchange for the institutions,Mutual learning platform,Competition by the institutions and players became close friends。Limited and unlimited skills competition,Time is limited but friendship is priceless,Institutions and players gather a mass of fire,Scattered for the stars,They would like to work more in-depth,May their auld lang syne! I wish the power forward stamp contest,Glory!