7.1.1 Durston圆顶雕刻套装

Durston继续扩大其为Metalsmiths制造的极为精良的工具系列,在铸铁底座上引入了这款Domed Planishing Set 13。这套包含13种不同的赌注,包括5个圆形圆顶赌注和8个不同形状的平面赌注,包括平面,凹面,凸面和蘑菇形状。采用最先进的磨削和数控设备,采用优质高碳钢制成,

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Durston继续扩大其为Metalsmiths制造的极为精良的工具系列,在铸铁底座上引入了这款Domed Planishing Set 13。这套包含13种不同的赌注,包括5个圆形圆顶赌注和8个不同形状的平面赌注,包括平面,凹面,凸面和蘑菇形状。采用最先进的磨削和数控设备,采用优质高碳钢制成,这些高抛光的英国制造成型工具将持续数代。吸引人的重型铸铁底座适合单个桩柱加上2个集成手柄,可作为利益相关者使用。可与可选的Durston股权持有人一起使用,该股权持有人可单独购买。外形尺寸为15“×12”×6“高。



Durston continues to expand its line of exceptionally well made tools for Metalsmiths introducing this Domed Planishing Set of 13 on a cast iron base. This set contains 13 different stakes including 5 round domed stakes and 8 different shaped planishing stakes including flat, concave, convex and mushroom shapes. Made from top quality high carbon steel using the most modern grinding and CNC equipment, these high polished British made forming tools are will last for generations. The attractive and heavy cast iron base fits the individual stakes plus 2 integrated handles that double as stake holders. Can be used with the optional Durston stake holder which is available separately. Overall dimensions are 15″ by 12″ by 6″ high.



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