7.4.3 Durston Doming Punch&Die Set Complete

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这是Durston 1111 Cupola Doming Punch&Die Set完整版,其中包含所有六个不同的冲天炉冲头,与其中一个双面模具中的凹陷相匹配。冲天炉冲头直径为2“(50mm),2-1 / 4”(57mm),2-1 / 2“(64mm),2-3 / 4”(71mm),3“(78mm)和3-1 / 3“(85毫米)。此套装配有便利的存储和便携包。由英国High Wycombe公司或W Durston LTD公司生产的优质英国钢材制成。



This is the Durston 1111 Cupola Doming Punch & Die Set complete, which contains all six different cupola punches matched up with a depression in one of the double sided dies. The cupola punch diameters are 2″ (50mm), 2-1/4″ (57mm), 2-1/2″ (64mm), 2-3/4″ (71mm), 3″ (78mm) and 3-1/3″ (85mm). This set comes complete with a handy storage and carrying case. Made of properly harden and polished top quality English steel by the firm or W Durston LTD of High Wycombe, Great Britain.




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